Get some fresh air - 9 ideas for outdoor play


Children love collecting. And where better to search and find than in nature! We love taking the bowls and boxes outside with us. There's a place for everything and the treasures can be marvelled at at home for a long time to come.

The hand of a child puts stones and shells in wooden little bowls
Nature treasures to collect and marvel at


Discovering colours in particular brings a lot of joy and is a wonderful way to get in touch with nature. With our sorting boards found flowers, leaves, stones etc. can be assigned to their respective colours. Nature is so colourful!

A child holds a tablet with coloured points and materials from natrue.
Colour plays to get in touch with nature


You can build indoors and outdoors, that's for sure. Things get really interesting when indoor play materials are combined with outdoor materials. The versatility of our rainbow makes it particularly easy to integrate it into outdoor play.

A tiny tree house is built by a childs hands in a real tree with wooden toys.
Tree house fun

Rolling cars & animals

Anything with wheels is predestined to be taken outside. Our cars and pull-along animals also like to go off-road ;) And the bridges can be used to construct adventurous routes for anything that can roll.

A child plays with wooden play cars on a meadow
Little cars on a rainbow adventure
A tiny wooden truck is pulled along by a child fully loaded with shells.
Load up and off you go!

Laying pictures

Laying pictures is also a lot of fun. You can get really creative here. Simply create a picture with the colourful play materials, such as the semicircles or pebbles, and add chalk drawings or natural materials.

Funny faces made of wooden toys and natural materials lie on the meadow.
Colourful feelings

Playing in the water

Playing with water is always a favourite with children. It is simply a fascinating element. Our little land yachts in particular are crying out for a little boat trip. Although our play materials are made of wood, they are still ideal for water play if you take a few points into account, which we have collected for you below.

Little sailing boats of wood are swimming in a rain barrel by the hands of a child.
If the sea is too far away, our little land yachts can float in the rain barrel

Playing in the sand

Sand also seems to magically attract children. Whether in the sandpit on the playground or on holiday on the beach. Our bowls and boxes are perfect for filling or baking sand cakes.

Sand is filled into little wooden bowls and decorated with stones and shells.
Sand cake is always a good idea

Rolling balls

Have you ever built an outdoor ball run? It's great fun and the possibilities never run out.

A ball run made of wooden toys stands in the meadow and a child plays with it.
A simple ball run only needs a large rainbow and some balls

Small world playing

If you want to breathe a lot of life into small play worlds and inspire the imagination, simply take them out into the grass or the forest. The tiny little friends experience the wildest adventures in this huge world in children's hands.

A tiny wooden play house stands on the floor in the nature.
Small play worlds come to life in nature

Full of new play energy

In our experience, taking our play materials with you has a totally positive effect - also on the subsequent indoor play. They get a different perspective and are recharged with new play energy. As if by magic, creative ideas emerge that you might not have thought of before. It's worth trying out!

Every scratch is a proof of love

Of course, you have to expect that playing in nature with wooden play materials may leave marks on them. This can be fading of the colours due to the sun or slight warping due to water. Major damage is not usually to be expected. Nevertheless, we believe that it is always worth taking the play materials outside and playing with them to your heart's content. After all, every single scratch and every sign of wear and tear is basically just a token of love and shows that every mark that life leaves behind enriches your experience. Every scratch tells a story of childhood and is therefore beautiful.


After extensive outdoor play, there are a few helpful tips that we would like to recommend to you to ensure that your GRIMM'S play materials last a long time.

  • Traces of outdoor play can simply be wiped off with a damp, lint-free cloth and a gentle soap if required.
  • If the sand is wet, we recommend letting it dry first and then gently wiping off the dry grains of sand.
  • Do not leave the play materials in water for a long period of time.
  • Wipe off wet wooden play materials a little with a dry cloth and then leave to dry at room temperature (not on the radiator and not in the sun).
After an outdoor trip the tiny land yachts dry on a kitchen towel

So just go outside and have fun with our play materials in the garden, in the forest, on the beach, on the balcony...!

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