Respect for people and the environment

„As a sustainable manufacturer, we have an entrepreneurial responsibility based on respectful interaction with the environment and the people living in it.“

Sven Grimm

Sustainable Design

For us, sustainable design means a design that is untouched by short-lived trends and that, through its reduction to the essentials, leaves room for the development of one's own creativity and imagination. Thus, the same toy can become a faithful companion over many years, because it can be played with again and again, since it keeps up with the child’s development. Our products are also of the highest quality and are passed down from generation to generation.


Long-lasting Toys

We manufacture durable toys and our raw material wood is so robust that it can stay with us for a long time. If something breaks, it can be repaired with glue (GRIMM's Repair Kit). And wood fits into the natural cycle without any problems.

Saving Resources

Our entire electricity requirements are covered by green electricity, almost 50% of which is generated by our own solar energy.

We heat with wood pellets. We produce these from wood production waste and use them to heat the entire buildings at our sites in Germany and Bosnia.

Our packaging conserves resources and is recyclable (please return it to the material cycle) and we completely dispense with bubble wrap in shipping.

In addition, all our printed products, such as banderoles, stickers and inserts, are made from recycled paper.

75% of our vehicle fleet has already been converted to electric vehicles, which are also charged using solar energy generated in-house.

On our social media channels, we constantly inspire with new game ideas and also give tips on upcycling our packaging. Why not take a look? 

GRIMM'S Spiel und Holz Design is a ClimatePartner-certified company.


To take responsibility

We treat our employees with respect, reflected in fair wages and additional social benefits, job security and working conditions. We also cultivate this respectful relationship with our customers and suppliers.

We understand the regular support of aid projects as a natural part of the social responsibility that we have as a company. We bear an economic responsibility not only for our employees, but also for society, which is why we strive to finance our growth from our own resources in order to be profitable and therefore able to survive in the market.

Wood from sustainable forestry

Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests in Europe. Our aim is to promote environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management. It is important to us that the wood for our products does not come from overexploitation of nature. And we at GRIMM'S take this responsibility very seriously.


For the benefit of present and future generations

By purchasing our products, you contribute to the responsible use of global forest resources. We achieve this on the one hand by defining and checking environmental and social standards in the forest management of all our suppliers and on the other hand by taking recycled materials into account.

GRIMM'S products therefore stand for the utilisation of forests in accordance with social, economic and ecological needs and for the responsible use of recycled materials.

„We want to deal responsibly with the resources of nature.“

Elke Grimm

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