We love wood

Wood touches all senses

The Special Charisma

Wood is expressive, refined through the passing of time: it is so robust that it stays with us a long time. Wood is aesthetically beautiful: it tells the story of nature and life. When its journey through the generations comes to an end, it is able to be recycled back into nature.

„We want to promote sensory perception so that it can develop in a differentiated way.“

Elke Grimm


The Taste

Do you remember how wood tastes? Wood is ideal for teething rings, rattles and grasping toys for our small children. Wood needs no additives because the open dry surfaces prevent bacteria growth. In addition, some types of wood have special properties which have germicidal effects.

The Feel

Wood feels good in our hands with its warmth and distinct surface. To enhance the vibrant expression of wood, we only treat our wood with colour and oil.


The Smell

Through the smell of wood, we feel its originality, clarity and sincerity.

The Sound

Wood has a warm and vivid sound. Instruments made of wood showcase its full sound spectrum.


Simply Unique

We love wood because it is a natural material so it always has various markings that show up in our products, making each one unique.

Wood grain has changing structures and colours which serve as proof of its natural origins. The unique variations are proof of quality, not defects. Discover the markings that make your Grimm’s toy Simply Unique!

„We want to bring beauty into family everday life and enrich it.“

Elke Grimm

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