Seasons Postcard "Herbst", german, 25 pcs

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In AUTUMN, the first animals begin to stock up on food for the approaching winter. The field... more
Product information "Seasons Postcard "Herbst", german, 25 pcs"

In AUTUMN, the first animals begin to stock up on food for the approaching winter. The field mouse has ven-tured out of its underground tunnel system to collect field crops. The AUTUMN gnome is delighted to see this tiny little mouse, which is so rarely seen despite living in great numbers in our fields.

A seasonal postcard for your season table & nature corner with details on the reverse of GRIMM’S core values and the guiding principles that we follow in our daily life and work.

The Four Seasons Postcards are the result of a wonderful collaboration with the German children's author and illustrator Daniela Drescher. With her loving and detailed depictions, she knows how to open the door to the magical world of free play: With each of our wooden toys we want to stimulate the child's imagination, for this is the creative potential the child will carry with them throughout their life. Beautiful, artistically designed wooden toys, made from high quality, natural materials, will promote a sense of beauty and a true understanding of what quality means.

This guiding principle can also be found in the work of Daniela Drescher, whose basic motif is nature. With her pictures and stories she would like to make children aware of and encourage them to recognise the flora and fauna around them. The illustrator shows nature as a diverse and busy world and would like to encourage chil-dren to engage their own imagination and make their inner world of images come alive. For Daniela Drescher, imagination is the key that will allow children to shape the present.