Inspire me

Collecting and Sorting

Children love to sort things according to colour and shape, and if somehow things get out of order, they usually also love to put them back in order again.


Here, children form colour groups with puzzle pieces on the Black Boards or they sort parts of the Magnet Puzzles into the matching color boxes of the Small Sorting Helper.


Our 7 Rainbow Friends in bowls, Rainbow Mushrooms, Small Bobbins and Wooden Balls all find a wonderful home in the Small Sorting Helper. For older children, using the tweezer of the Sorting Game Rainbow Bowls is a challenge: it is not easy to grab the fish and sort it into the intended bowl!


The Small Sorting Helper is used for lots of playtime fun especially if Creative Puzzles, Giant Acrylic Glitter Stones or Beads and Discs are to be sorted and tidied up.

Farben-sortieren_5                                                       This Sorting Helper for Beads can be used to sort and store all the coloured Wooden Beads from our standard offering as well as all parts of the Large Colour Circle Spiral, Large Buttons, Rainbow Forest and 12 Rainbow Friends. It is also great for holding pencils, pens, scissors, etc.