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Seasons Postcard "Winter", english, 25 pcs
Postkartenset "Winter" by Daniela Drescher, englisch VE: 25 Stk-1
The WINTER dwarf collected rose hips for his friend the blue tit and all the other garden birds in the autumn. He knows that in the WINTER, when it snows and freezes, they won‘t find anything to eat. Thrushes, starlings, green-finches...
Repair Kit Wood Glue, 1 pcs/unit
Erste-Hilfe Set-1
It breaks our hearts again and again when we learn that one of our wooden toys has been hurt somewhere in the world. Unfortunately, we cannot exclude this completely and not make it indestructible with secret technology. But all damaged...
Image Brochure german
Imagebroschüre deutsch-1
16-page image brochure in German with inspiring pictures from Instagram on various topics. 14,8x14,8 cm, Package with 10 pcs./unit
Image brochure english
Image Broschüre englisch-1
16-page brochure in english with inspiring pictures from Instagram on various topics. 21x21cm, Package with 10 pcs./unit
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